Only I...can be sitting in Math, doodling on my scrap paper, the teacher rambling on a bout some boring subject, and getsat on. Yes, sat on. By who? Well. A ghost it is to say. These ghosts are nothing to worry about, they're easy. The thing is they're so..so annoying. I stopped in the hall way and sat down on the floor.

Yup. I said ghost. I am a ghost fighter. I'm not normal. I may look like it, but I'm not. I just recently knew about my powers. Sure sure, It's a little late. But who's counting all those years sitting around wishing I had something to do? Now I wish I still thought that.

There are others..ghost fighters. But with my luck, I'll never find one. I haven't met one, yet. I'm hoping I will, soon. I'm lonely, and it hasn't even been two months. I need someone like me. Someone to talk to, explain my troubles to, my day to.

Hah! Imagine me going home, and telling Alice what really happened when she asked how my day was. I could see it.

"My dear Tanya, how was your day?"

"Well, mom, it was fine. I fought a ghost, it was easy. Mr. Hanks was mean, I have a bunch of homework from him. Just a normal day."

"You WHAT?"

"What, what?"

"You..you..fought a ghost? Are you trying to mix up your mother?"

"No, I mean, yes. I did. But I'd never do that to you, Alice. I mean mom."

I giggled.

What fun that would be to tell her, but I never would. You aren't supposed to tell regular people about what happens in your life. It would be fine, if I had my real mother. But I didn't. Instead I had dum old Alice. My foster parent. Who, raised me for my life. Ever since, my mother past away at my birth. I never knew what happened to my father...he's probably three thousand miles away, or in some other country.

See, my father was like me, he told my mom about the ghouls and ghost that he had to destroy. He broke the rules, unlike me. I wish my mother was here, so I could talk to her.

"Tanya!" A stern voice came from my left. Mrs. Clifford.


"Get to class!" She bellowed.

I looked around, the halls were clear. The clock said twenty after nine. I was late.

"Get up, or you get to go to detention."

I stood up, why were fat teachers always the meanest?

The End

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