I zoomed expertly between skyscrapers and around billboards, dodging explosions and lazers. I wasn't supposed to be here. This wasn't my reality. My  home was in 'the ghost zone' as humans called it.

But what can you do when your nemisis suddenly decides to get revenge on  you?

The flying contraption of destruction finally matched my speed and I came to an uprupt stop. It spun back around to catch me and I belched out my best ghost wail. To my dismay, the machine hardly even trembled and took advantage of my still position by shooting out a metal arm. My wail was cut short as it gripped my waist and slammed me into the brick wall of a building.

Pain. It was a sensation I hadn't felt for years. How...

I looked down at my body to find I was tangible. My jaw dropped and I yelped in confusion.

I looked back up and shot a glare through the window of the machine but the driver was hidden behind a bright glare. I only heard a deep, victorious cackle. My insides--something I hadn't had up until two seconds ago--fluttered as a giant lazer gun came out of the top of the flying machine and aimed itself at me. I struggled weakly with my new muscles but in vain. The lazer shot and I tried to dodge.

I felt a searing stab into my shoulder and then everything went blurry. I played dead by letting my body go limp and heard another disgusting cackle from my enemy. The claw lifted me from the damaged wall and then tossed me, like a peice of litter, to the ground. I forced myself to remain limp until he flew off. Then, only feet before I hit the ground, I transformed back into my normal ghostself and let myself sink into a basement of some sort.

I floated gently to the ground and then willed myself to turn back. Freakily, it worked. And the pain in my shoulder came back. I inspected my flesh colored hands, trying to keep down a sudden rush of hysteria.

 So he hadn't gone into hiding after all. He was only building up his technology and powers for this final attack. And now he thought he had won. In his mind I was dead. But I wasn't.

I was simply a ghost with human powers.

The End

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