The Ghost-Fighters from Homeroom Class

Well, there are these kids that have ghost powers. THey all live together in one town, but neither of them knows that any other people have ghost powers.

I sprinted around the corner of the school, ducked into the jungle gym, and ran through the door. Before I could make it to safety, my time was up. I was done for. Was I fighting some invisible ghost? No. I was fighting tardiness. For the third day this week, I walked slowly tho the office, where the principal gave me a slip of paper that said one thing: Detention. Lunch and After school. This was turning into an everyday procedure. The next time I was late, I would endure in school suspension, the worse punishment known to man. You have to sit in this tiny room all day, with no book to entertain yourself.

You may be woundering how I got my Ghost powers. My mom somehow married somebody that was half ghost, and the powers somehow were inherited by me. So I was born a ghost. They knew I was different when I passed right through my crib at the age of six months. And the strangest thing was my appearence. I would change from my red hair, blue eyes, to white hair, green eyes. My father had the same peculiarappearence. But he's not able to fight ghosts. He was finally defeated by the ultimate ghost. Ghost fighters from all over the world come to fight this ghost, but none have succeded. My ultimate goal is to destroy that beast, and get revenge for killing my father.

Now, back to the story. I wasn't necissarily a bad kid, but I somehow always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. At one minute I'd be mud wrestling my dog, and the next, I'd be fighting some evil ghost. The majority of these ghosts are ridiculous, so they aren't exactly a threat. For example, while I was sitting in lunch detention, the box ghost came up to me. Of course, all he ever did was empty the filing cabinets and dump out the recycle bins. I semt him away with a simple flick of my wrist.

Yep, that's just an everyday thing for a kid like me.

The End

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