Eternal Life with benefits

Terms and Definitions:

The power to do something refers to an ability which the power’s recipient need not learn, practice, or master; and which continues unchanging for the entirety of the recipient’s life.

To grant something to someone means to give that something to the grantee permanently, such that it continues unchanging for the rest of his or her life.

Something eternal exists in its present state for the entirety of all time, independent of the state of the rest of the universe or anything in it.

Youth refers to the state of life wherein the living being in question is at the height of its physical health and fitness, with no injuries or illnesses.

Eternal youth means living in youth for all eternity, regardless of any circumstances that would normally kill that particular living being. In the event of injury or illness, the body will immediately repair itself.

Any living being means any living human, animal, plant, or alien.


Statement of Purpose:

Under the aforementioned terms and conditions, I,     Rac7hel    , do hereby wish for: The power to grant eternal youth to any living being.


Grantor Signature: ________________ date: ________

Grantee Signature: ________________ date: ________


The End

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