Cear: ConscienceMature

Cear walked through the hangar, admiring the vessels these humans built. they were well-manufactured - albeit rather small for him, but he could stand a little cramped awkwardness. He approached one, and noticed the girl had gone off somewhere. Then, she came back out of the shadows, with a man and a younger boy.

"Look who I found," she said, "It's my uncle Charles and boyfriend Thomas."

Cear froze. This was not right. Something was wrong. Again. He soon shook it off, though. Not your fight, he thought. Just go.

He climbed into the cockpit of a rather fine-looking vessel and glanced at the controls, getting used to what was what. the controls, oddly enough, seemed very similar to those of the ships his people used.

"This will work," he said to Anevia, Alex, the girl, and her new "friends". "I'm leaving." he started up the ship and closed the hatch, preparing for takeoff. he looked down one last time and saw Alex looking up with longing eyes. Cear would miss the youngling. What was this? He hardly knew the boy. He was not Cear's problem. He had to forget. Anevia just looked helpless, as if she wanted to fight but knew she'd already lost. The girl seemed oddly unperturbed.

He reached the outer atmosphere when a trnasmission came through on the communication headset he was wearing. "Cear," a familiar voice called, "Cear'Traskech, can you hear this transmission?"

"I hear you. Is this Traal?"

"Yes. I'm sorry, friend. The Kings had my family. I could not let them die."

"Better to let them die than let them live only because of yur cowardice," Cear growled. "You should have let them die as members of a proud warrior bloodline."

"I know, friend. I'm sorry. The Kings killed them, anyway."

Cear paused. "I'm sorry," he said. "They were great warriors, and I'm sure they died with dignity."

"Yes. Well, I did not feel right not warning you - the Kings are sending the Grand Armies your way, my friend."

"All of them?"

"Yes. Every legion. They're headed for Earth."

"Gods help us all," Cear said, ending the transmission. he glanced down at the planet below. I'm sorry, he thought. But this is my chance.

A minute later, he brought the vehicle back around and proceeded towards the hangar he had just flown from. The humans would be slaughtered like Gra'ceil without help. He could not doom an entire planet with a clean conscience.

The End

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