Alex: Ghost MemoryMature

Alex had not let go of Cynthia's hand. He was still so confused and upset over the sudden death of Rosie. All he could see in his mind was the scene of the alien ship shooting her down, over and over and over again. He shuddered every time the shots struck her flesh, tearing into her.

"What are you thinking, Alex?" Cynthia asked, squeezing his hand. Her touch pulled him back to the present.

"Rosie," He murmured, stealing a glance over his shoulder as though her body might still be seen. But Rosie was long gone.

"There! Up ahead!" Anevia called back to Alex and Cynthia who were trailing behind the aliens. Anevia had lifted herself to her full height. She towered above them upon her spider-like metallic legs. They gleamed in the hazy light of the dead world.

Alex broke free from Cynthia's grasp and ran up beside Cear. A group of three buildings, brown, the color of Cynthia's eyes, were clustered together in a semi circle.

"The hangers. We will find the cargo ships there," Cear grunted.

Alex looked up and examined the alien reptile's face. It was a mask of pain and grief. His eyes did not see - they were somewhere else, buried in his past. Alex felt for him and understood his loss. After all, Alex's only friend had been killed. Cear's sister was now gone as well.

A sudden memory shocked Alex. He stared at the hangers in shock. Before him, a scene of explosions played out. He was in the cockpit of a plane of some sort, and it was crashing. His fingernails scrabbled at his belt, attempting to undo it so he could jettison out. But it was too late. His world went dark in a ball of flame.

Alex blinked and shook his head to dispose of the memory. He had no idea where it had come from. He knew it wasn't his memory - his whole life had been spent in an amino tank.

Cear had walked ahead of him, traveling towards the hangers. He hurried after him.


The End

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