Cear: FocusMature

Cear watched calmly as the girl comforted Alex. She seemed so...sincere. Maybe she really was just here to help. No! There was something else! He knew it! He just didn't know what.

As Anevia met his eyes, the look in them said, I know. Something isn't right. But keep your mouth shut.

Cear sent a look back that said understood. He couldn't understand why he suddenly felt so attached to the boy. He actually cared about this human.

Stay focused, he thought. You just need to focus on your mission."We must reach that building ahead," he said. "That is where I will find transport, is it not?"

The girl responded, "Yes, that's the closest spaceport. But the ships are hardly anything like that craft you took down. They're basic cargo vessels."

"I don't need weapons," Cear said. "Just a ship. It only needs to go up and down and stand up to a vacuum."

"Then I guess that's where you're headed."

They proceeded towards the building - the place the girl had identified as a spaceport - slowly over several hours. How could something so near be so very far?

The End

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