The girl: Warning TakenMature

The girl looked at the male alien. "I get it. Warning taken. You could shred me to peices if you wanted to."

The male alien's eyes narrowed at her. "What are your true intentions." He asked.

The girl cocked her head. "Whatever do you mean?"

All of a sudden, the male alien snarled. "Cut out all the crap! I don't trust you, and I think you're up to something."

The girl gave hom a questioning look, when they heard a wail. Following the sound, they came upon Alex and the female alien. Alex was crying.

"What's wrong?" the girl asked, true concern in her eyes. The female alien explained, and the girl knelt down next to Alex.

"I know how you feel, Alex." she said. "My mother worked beside yours. They were good freinds. Then my mother died. Later on, I found out that Itoo was a clone. It was the worst moment of my life, finding out my mother wasn't really my mother. But it's ok. I'll help you."

Alex looked up and wiped his eyes. "Really?"

'Of course." the girl said, holding out her hand.

Alex took it, and they set off. Even the male alien was smiling at them.

Check one, the girl thought, win over the entire group.

The End

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