Anevia: The StoryMature

The ship crashed, exploding in an ball of orange flame. Cear stood tall, his eyes staring daggers at the girl, Cynthia.

I was almost afraid of the brute. Then I remembered, I was much stronger than him, regardless.

"Alex, come. Let Cynthia and Cear discuss...." I trailed off, unsure how to finish the sentence.

He looked up at me curiously. I offered him a halfhearted smile and led him away.

"I don't understand," The words were slurred still and the syllables were broken.

"It's alright, young one." It felt wrong to call him young when technically we were the same age. But he knew little of the world and I knew so much. He was hardly more than an infant.

"Gemini?" He questioned.

The boy had heard more than I had expected. I could no longer avoid this. Lowering myself to the ground, the hydraulics in my legs hissing, I gestured for him to sit.

He did so, sitting cross legged upon the dry, dead ground. I wondered where he had learned to do so.

"Long ago there was war here upon the Earth....




The sky was dark. Far too dark. People ran around in a panic, attempting to find shelter. In the sky was a star, falling to the Earth from the Heavens. But God had lied to them. Heaven was far below the ground, safe from the coming storm. Hell had sent its weapon, to destroy everything once good and beautiful....

The truth was even worse than the fable that everyone remembers. The story littered with religious superstition. It had been many years since the nuclear holocaust. Countless millions had died. Most animals and plant life had been completely obliterated. Teenagers would dream that the birds would evolve as the highest species once all the humans would die.

But the humans did not die. The war between America, China and Russia had been somewhat localized. Today, there are rumors of a paradise in the Himalayan mountains, a place untouched by the radiation of World War Four.

Though the humans had not died out, they would soon if they didn't do something. The radiation had caused a complete lack of fertility in the next generation. Girls were born without eggs, boys without sperm.

So the best and the brightest of America's scientists came up with an idea.

They called it the Gemini Project.

The first of many clones born was Alexander Peterson. His mother had lost her son to the wars - one of the many teenagers sent out to fight when most of the adult men had died. So they had recreated him.

It had been Dr.Peterson's hope that this new Alex could replace the boy she had lost to the atrocities of war.





Alex. I'm so sorry. You're not human,"

I could not bear to look at the child. For I knew it would break my heart.


The End

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