Cear: Friendly WarningMature

Cear looked the female human up and down with a critical eye. He could sense that something was off - she was not being completely forthcoming. He would keep his eye on her.

He flexed his clawed fingers and stepped forward, making his presence more marked in the ongoing discussion.

"Help us with what?" He asked. "I just need a way off of this rock."

When Xenil had been killed, he had changed. His mission to destroy the Kings now seemed even more vital. He just wanted to get off of Earth and get back to his fight. He would begin with his sister's tyrannical father. That piece of scum didn't deserve a moment's peace.

The girl looked at him and blinked. She did not respond to him, simply stared. When he turned back to begin walking away, the girl went back to speaking to Anevia and Alex, while Cear ignored everything. He just kept on walking. He knew he could find some form of transport at the building he was so close to.

Cear was walking with the others silently, their discussion ended hours ago, when he heard the buzz of an attack ship yet again. He leaped into the air, launching himself at the ship's hull, beforee tearing off the cockpit window and climbing inside. He strangled the pilot - a former friend of Cear's - who was wearing insignia showing the face of Paen, the creator god, and Trolyus, God of Chaos, facing each other with blades in hand. This was the sign of the Kings. He then dived back to the group below and looked at them as if what he had just done was as simple as walking.

He hoped this sent the proper message to the new girl.

The End

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