The girl: TrackingMature

The girl stood at the body for a long moment, as a smile crept slowly accross her face. One less I have to hunt down, she thought.

Looking at the horizen, she could barely see the outlines of three bodies. "Wherever you are Alex, I will find you."

Then she she crept back into the trees, a hand on her pistol.

Silent as a mouse, the girl followed the group in shadow, silently praying for the right moment to attack. Once, she almost lost them.

They came to a wide expanse of nothing. Already in the lead, the group quickly faded out of sight, while the girl watched them from under the cover of the trees. She swore under her breath and looked around for somewhere to hide. There was nowhere.

Making a quick choice,the girl quickly scurried accross the plain, only stopping feet from the group. She hoped the wouldn't hear her. No such luck.

She swore again as the female alien turned around. The girl tried to duck, but still caught the creature's eye.

The alien's eyes narrowed. "Who are you?" she asked.

The girl stood there, silent. Alex turned, a hint of recognition in his eyes. The girl smiled at him.

"I'm Cynthia. I'm here to help you."


The End

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