Rosie: Not human?Mature

Rosia thought she heard Alex say "Mother", but she couldn't focus. All she could think was, Well, that explains the bubble. She still couldn't quite grasp the fact that she wasn't human, though. How was that possible?

She snapped out of it and saw the two aliens staring at Alex. Feeling strangely protective of him, Rosie stepped in front of Alex and cleared her throat. Not meaning to, she grabbed Alex's hand and gave an assuring squeeze.

"So, we're not even human? Is that what you're saying?" Rosie demanded, having a strange, new boost of courage.

Anevia nodded slightly. "In a way, yes. I'm sorry." She said, but Rosie looked into her eyes and could tell she was faking it.

"Yeah. Sure." Rosie said, feeling her spirit sink as she dropped Alex's hand.

Anevia nodded, looking Rosie up and down, obviously noticing her sudden loss of spirit. Then she gave Alex a curious look and turned back to the other alien, falling back into that other weird languge they were speaking earlier. Rosie lost it.

"Stop talking in a language I can't understand!" She screamed, feeling like the wieght of the world had just crashed onto her shoulders. Hard. Tears streaming down her face, she ran into the ghost of a forest.

And behind her, she thought she heard the footsteps chasing after her stumble and fall. She pushed herself harder.

The End

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