Alex: MotherMature

Alex was quite tired, confused, and just wanted to go back to his safe tank far from the burnt forest. But instead, he was now confronted with a lizard man who called himself Cear.

Alexander was still in a state of shock from learning the English language so quickly, even if it was just a small portion of the language. He watched the exchange between Anevia and Cear, fascinated as they spoke in another language, reverting to English at the last few sentences.

"What are you doing in the company of these humans?" Cear asked, pointing a claw at Alex and Rosie.

Anevia explained how she had found them and that they were 'Gemini'. The term was unknown to Alex, and when he tried to think about it, he found that he could not. This frightened him.

Cear did not understand either, "I am unfamiliar with this planet, what is this 'Gemini' you speak of?"

Anevia glanced back at Rosie and Alex who stood shoulder to shoulder, their eyes fixed upon the large lizard-man. The teenage Ophidian regarded them for a moment before deciding to reveal the meaning of Gemini, "They are genetic copies produced by human scientists,"

Rosie's jaw dropped in shock. Alex was stunned. A copy? Was he even human?

"I see," Cear said slowly, scratching the side of his scaly head with a single claw.

"What?" Alex blurted, his eyes shifting from Cear to Anevia.

Anevia looked at him with a mixture of pity and disgust, "You are a copy of another human. Perhaps the other human is dead, or something of that sort, so they recreated him. But you are not him. Just a cheap copy," Alex had the feeling she knew more than she was letting on.

He though momentarily of the woman who would visit him, the one who taught him to smile. She had looked at him with love in her eyes, her face pressed so close to the glass of the tank, as though she wanted to open it and embrace him.

A word formed on his lips. A word that was previously unknown to him.


The End

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