Cear: UnderstandMature

Cear kept walking, determined to make it to the structure - now very close - before night fell once again. Suddenly, he was interrupted by a small squeak. What was that? He looked around, then turned in the direction of the sound. Within minutes, he and Xenil and his surviving guard had stumbled across two more of the strange creatures he'd encountered when he first landed and an Ophidian.

Kaai'slaa. That was the word his people would have used. An Ophidian was trouble. The feud between the Katal'rin and Ophidians was so old that the Katal'rin Empire was still in its earliest days. The Ophidian - which Cear identified as a female, young, but not too young - prepared to fight. He quickly identified himself before she could strike.

"I am Prince Cear'Traskech of the Third Katal'rin Dynasty." Cear used his full name and the royal family he was from just as a matter of formality when introducing himself to a stranger. "I've come to save this planet from the people who wish to destroy it. They have taken over my home planet and removed my family from power. You must help me."

The Ophidian nodded and introduced herself as Anevia, Daughter of the Captain of the Third Ophidian Armada. She was also trying to fight against the Katal'rin. The two smaller creatures stood there, looking terrified. One of them said something, and Anevia responded in the same language.

"You can speak with them?" Cear asked. "How?" As if to answer, she reached out and placed two fingers against his forehead. Instantly, he felt a rush of energy, as though he had been hit with a low-voltage shock.

"Do you understand me now?" she asked.

"Yes," he responded. "Yes, I understand now."

The creatures - which he now knew were humans - were still looking frightened. "It's alright," he said. "I will not hurt you." They didn't look very reassured.

The End

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