Anevia: SpeakMature

Anevia strode across the barren rock, her spider-like robotic legs punching into the earth with every step. She had decided to take a walk, exploring the dead forest near the ship.

What she stumbled upon shocked her. Two humans lying on the ground. They were different from the rest, their flesh pale and soft, almost wet looking. She poked one of them experimently with the tip of one of her legs.

The male she had prodded, shifted in his slumber, opening his bright blue eyes. He let loose an animalistic scream, crawling away from Anevia.

She smirked as she watched him squirm, attempting to get away. It was obvious that he could not walk.

The female awoke next, staring up at the teenage alien with horror.

Anevia laughed, pinning her down with two of her legs. The male had managed to get to a tree, pulling himself upright by wrapping his scrawny arms around its trunk.

He was making harsh intelligible noises with his mouth, sqawking like the long dead birds of earth.

Anevia tried to remember what little English she had learned, "He make funny sound," The words were thick on her tongue, her throat constricting from the strange vowels.

The female struggled beneath her, uttering something vulgar in English. Anevia hooked the tip of her leg, piercing the front of her white shirt.

Lifting her up before her so that she was eye level to the alien, Anevia hissed in her face. She spoke no words, just hissed, almost like a cat. But the alien was no cat, she was far more dangerous than even the extinct lions of the African barrenlands.

"Little human. Why you out here?" Anevia demanded, her wide black eyes narrowing to slits.

"Men were holding us hostage," The girl gasped, her legs kicking involuntarily, hands scrabbling at the slowly ripping fabric clinging to Anevia's robotic leg.

"Why?" Anevia snapped, her hands clinging to the metal disc around her hips, knuckles turning white as she did so.

The female human's pupils dialated suddenly. Anevia recognized the reaction to her question instantly - biological programming forbade her from answering.

The alien lowered her to the ground, "You are Gemini," She murmured, a tone of pity in her voice.

The female human did not respond, although she tried, no sounds emerged from her mouth.

"It okay. I no talk no more of it," Anevia lowered her disc, the knees of each spider-like leg rising up around her, like a cage.

The hydraulics hissed with steam as she did so.

The male had stopped making noise and was now watching the exchange with growing curiousity.

"I'm Anevia," Anevia pointed to herself.

The female nodded, "Rosie," She then gestured to the boy, "I don't know his name. He can't talk,"

The alien rotated towards the boy, "Come," She beckoned with her four fingered hand.

On shaky legs, the human stumbled forwards, clinging to one of her legs the moment he came near.

She reached out to his forehead, pressing two fingers there. Anevia biologically uploaded her knowledge of the English language into his mind.

The boy gasped, reeling back in shock. He landed on his rear in the dirt.

Anevia rose to her full height once more, "Speak," She ordered, folding her arms.

"I'm...." He moved his tongue across his teeth, moving his lips experimentally.

Rosie clapped a hand to her mouth in delight, her eyes gleaming.

The boy tried once more,

"I'm Alex,"



The End

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