Cear: No Turning BackMature

As Cear looked back, he saw that Xenil was still following him. He narrowed his black snakelike eyes - the Katal'rin equivalent of rolling one's eyes - then turned back to face her.

"Why are you still following me?" He asked. "You could go back home, start a new life. Nobody need know of your relation to me."

Xenil looked stunned, widening her dark green eyes and cocking her head. "You think I'm ashamed to be related to you? Cear, you're a king. A true king. Had Neirul not killed your father and forced you into exile, you would be in a place of highest honor right now. And aside from that, I'm still your sister."

"I appreciate that, Xenil, but I would be much more comfortable if I knew that you were safe from harm. Do you know what they'll do to you if we're seen together?"

"Yes, I'm aware of the consequences. That's why I can't go back."

Cear paused. What did that mean? What had she done that he did not know about? "Xenil, what did you do?"

"I killed my father. And half of his royal guard unit. Oh, and I  left the sign of the rebellion over their corpses, which I hung in front of the Senate building."

"You what? Xenil, you realize you've signed your own death warrant, correct?"

"As I said, that's why I can't go back."

Cear shook his head and turned back onto the path to the structure, which was growing ever closer as they approached it. What had gotten into her? She'd always been the rebellious type, but this? This was extreme. Anyone with any relation to the rebellion was to be put to death instantly, aside from the fact that she'd killed one of the kings, and several of his guards. That in itself would be enough to get her  executed no metter who was in power. Something would have to be done about this rebellious streak in the girl, before it got them all killed.

The End

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