Rosie: CampMature

Rosie noticed it was harder to breath out here, but it wasn't too difficult. After she helped the boy up, she realized that he knew nothing. She finally understood that he couldn't understand her. It that made it much more difficult for her.

But she pushed on. And they finally made it to the forest.

The trees were mostly dead, but they were enough to hide her and the boy for the night. Rosie took him all the way to the haert of the forest, where the trees were more dense. There, she set up camp. She had the boy sit on the ground and watch the fire, since he was clearly mesmorized by it.

When she had everything set up, she looked around for food. Luckily, there was a bush nearby that had blackberries. She picked to handfuls and handed one to the boy. They ate in silence, just as the rest of the trip had been.

When they were finished with dinner, the boy curled up on his bed. Rosie did the same.

They fell asleep to a pounding on the ground.

The End

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