Alex: WastelandMature

Alex did not understand why this girl was dragging him across the blackened rocks and foul smelling acid pits. The world outside the cabin he had found himself in was a wasteland, filled with death and decay. Trash and litter rolled across the ground like tumbleweeds.

The trees the girl had pointed out on the horizon were little more than twisted clawed hands that reached for the sky. The ground burned his feet, acid turning his skin red and raw. Alex moaned in pain but the girl continued to drag him towards the dead trees.

The air was harsh on Alex's lungs, sharp and burning. He wondered if the girl was aware that the oxygen was almost unbreathable. 

Wrenching himself away from her, Alex collapsed in a heap to the dry dusty earth. Unable to control himself, he began to sob, tears streaming down his face, the salt burning his sensitive skin.

The girl knelt beside him, making soothing comforting noises. His cries faded to whimpers as he studied the beautiful girl. Her auburn hair fell in loose curls below her shoulders, bright green eyes brighter than the lights that lit his tank at night.

Alex reached out a curious hand to her face, his fingers brushing her soft skin. She smiled, loud sounds emerging from her mouth. Alarmed, he drew back. She shook her head, continuing to make the noises.

Alex realized that it meant she was happy. He smiled back as best he could, sitting up as he did so.

Together, the odd pair stumbled across the barren wasteland, heading for the demonic trees in the distance.

Alex was a newborn in a world filled with danger and death.

The End

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