Cear: XenilMature

Cear limped away from the hill where he had left the hunter's head unit mounted on a stick, still aching from the fight. The spots where the poison had touched his skin would sting, but luckily the poison had been stopped by his guards before it killed him. The machine had almost severed his leg, though, and now he was limping. That would slow him down - he needed to find a way to speed up his journey before the kings simply sent a skirmisher to finish him off. He would not be killed so shamefully, put down by a mere foot soldier. He simply had to allow himself some time to heal. It shouldn't take too long, but he had to rest.

Suddenly, Cear heard the shuffling of feet behind him, and turned with his rifle aimed just in time to see a female Katal'rin approaching him from behind. This did not make sense. Why would his guards have let a stranger get so close to him?

One of his guards said, "Lady Xenil," and it all came flooding back. It was his half-sister, Xenil. She had been allowed to live with the Kings by her father, who was one of them, because the recessive gene responsible for the mark of true kings, the dome on his forehead, was not expressed in her because of her father's dominant, domeless forehead. Why was she here?

"Xenil," he said, "Why are you here? This is treason, what you are doing."

"I know," she said, "but you are my brother, and my father is evil. He may have allowed me to live, but my relation to you still causes mistreatment by the others, including my father."

"So you chose to leave and join me?"

"Yes," she said, "or at least fight for equal rights among all of our race, to try and stop this senseless genocide."

"You will never stop people like Neirul and his kind from doing as they please, so your cause is lost."

"Then what are you hoping to accomplish?"


"Oh..." clearly, that was not what Xenil had been hoping for. She seemed taken aback by Cear's complete denial of any hope for equality.

Cear turned away from Xenil and began limping into the distance, heading towards a structure he could just barely see in the distance.

The End

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