Anevia: Go to HellMature


Anevia opened her eyes to slits, peering out into the murky world.

Chemicals still flowed sluggishly through her brain, commanding her every fiber to return to sleep.

"My lady, you must awaken!"

She realized she was still in her hibernation berth for the journey. Cautiously, Anevia lifted her four-fingered hand in front of her face, flexing it slowly.

"Yes, you still have hands - "

Anevia opened her eyes fully, glaring at Magog, her servant.

"Just because I'm drugged doesn't mean you have the authority to speak to me that way,"

Magog swallowed, his wide eyes growing wider, "Yes my lady. I apologize, my lady,"

He bowed deeply, backing up to allow her to leave the berth.

Anevia gripped the sides of the long black coffin-like box, pulling her torso upwards, her mechanical parts following obediently.

Two long metal legs shot upwards, stabbing the floor on either side of the berth. With a mighty whirr of gears, Anevia found herself towering over Magog once more.

"Leave," She hissed, gliding easily over his head, making her way down the hall where her father would be waiting.

"My lady, I wouldn't advise seeing your father!"

Anevia rotated her upper body in the ring of metal holding it so she was facing Magog, "Why?" She snapped.

"I was told to keep you here," He murmured, almost inaudible over the roaring sound of Anevia's machinery.

She took a deep breath, a pump inflating on the under side of the disc of metal as she did so, "My father," She fixed her bottomless black eyes on the alien underling, the Grubber from Dalyin, "Can go to Hell,"




The End

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