Rosie: The meetingMature

Rosie awoke to pounding. Her head was killing her. As she blinked the sleep from her eyes, she looked up at the man carrying her. He had red hair and green eyes, and looked very young, about 20-ish. But he was strong enough to carry her.

She tried to move, but the man stopped her. "Don't....Move..." he told her, slightly out of breath.

Ok, so he's not as strong as I thought, Rosie told herself, nodding off to sleep agian...


When she awoke the second time, they were heading into a cabin. She heard the words, It'll all be over soon, and the door flew open. The man holding her dashed to a chair and tied her to it, screaming "I've got the girl!". So much for him calming her down. Rosie struggled aginst her bonds. She'd just escaped on prison, she was not about to join another one.

When she realised that was getting her nowhere, Rosie turned to her right and saw a boy sitting there, a terrified look on his face. A man with a red beard held a needle over him. Looked like she had to save the day.

"Hey, you!" she called to the man with the needle, Redbeard, she decided to call him.

"What?" he said, dropping his needle hand to his side.

"I need to go." Rosie whispered quitely.

"Ugh. Thomas!" Redbeard cried. The man that had carried Rosie came over.

"Yes?" he asked.

" Take the girl to the bathroom."

" Why me ?" Thomas groaned, stepping closer to Rosie and untying her bonds. Rosie smiled and kicked her legs out, knocking him to the ground.

"Hey!" Redbeard shouted, stepping closer to her. She kicked him in the head, knocking him out. Thomas sat up, holding his head. Rosie kicked him again, right between the eyes. He was out cold. Rosie stooped to pick up Redbeard's needle and walked to to where the boy sat, his blue eyes wide with bewilderment. She slashed his rope with the needle and helped him stand up.

"We'd better run before they wake up." she said, and dashed out the door. She looked behind her and realized the boy was still sitting there. She sighed and turned back around.

"We. Go. Now. Understand?" she asked him. He looked scared. Rosie shook her head, grabbed him by the hand, and pulled him up. He could barely walk.

"Well, this is just great." She helped him over to the window. She could see a faint outline of trees in the fading sunlight. Rosie pointed.

"See? Look. Trees. Forest. Run. Hide. Before sunset, please." She looked at the boy hopefully. He gave her blank looked. She sighed.

"This is gonna be a long walk."

The End

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