Cear ran, fleeing from the flaming wreckage of his ship with the two of his loyal guards who had survived the crash. He'd outrun the Kings for light years before they'd finally shot his ship down over some starnge planet that he didn't understand. It was completely barren, and there was absolutely nothing around except for buildings. He didn't understand - what kind of creature would inhabit this place?

There was only one way to find out. A creature, much smaller than Cear, with two legs - not unlike Cear and his men - pale skin, and some sort of fuzzy material on its head came running out of a little shack ahead of Cear.The creature was making odd noises - probably speaking in its language, but Cear couldn't understand what it was saying, so he moved on.

He was soon confronted by a hunter - one of the deadliest fighting machines his race, the Katal'rin, used. This would be a long journey. Cear asked Trae, the Goddess of Soldiers, to keep him and his men safe from harm as they fought the New Kings.

The End

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