Rosie GraceMature

Rosie hated her bubble. Hated it. The water surrounded her, makinh it hard for her to breath and move. Oh, she could do it all right, but didn't like to.

She wanted real food. She sat there in her bubble, staring down at the people that were supposed to be watching her, saw them eating sandwhichs and chips, drinking sodas and tes. All she had was this tube. And water. all this stupid, stupid water.

Everyday Rosie dreamed of finallt breaking away from her confinement. One day, her dream came true.

Rosie sat there, bored as always, twirling her hair, when a noise startled her. She looked up, and releif filled her face. She was being recued, she could tell! Rose kicked off from the bottom of her where she'd been sitting so she could reach the top faster.

As she neared the top, the door was pried open and a man reached his hand down. She took t gladly, and was finally free of her prison cell!

Then Rosie found it was difficult to breath. She strted freaking out.

"Hold on, hold on! I'm here to help you, sweetheart. Just take deep, calming breaths. We'll be out of here soon." the man told her, pulling her tight to his chest.

Rosie nodded, relief once agian flooding her. Sh did as the man said and took deep breaths, eventually lazily dropping off to sleep...


The End

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