Yes, Yes it is.

Dw began chanting in Latin, and Angel suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

"You can take Maddy IF you answer me these riddles three." she said to the Legion.

"Sure, why not." they chanted as one.

"First riddle: Of all your possessions, I am the hardest to guard. If you have me, you will want to share me. If you share me, you no longer have me. What am I?"

Almost instantly, they chanted: "Secrets."

Angel felt a little fearful, but soldiered on with the riddles anyway. "Second riddle: A spirited jig I dance bright, banishing all but darkest night. Give me food and I will live; give me water and I will die. What am I?"

Again, they chanted the answer. "Fire."

Now Angel sweated, she thought she was a great riddler, but clearly this group of men were all as good as her. With all her might, she drew on the worst riddle possible. "Final riddle: No man has seen me but all men know me. Lighter than air, sharper than any sword. Comes from nothing but will fell the strongest armies. What am I?"

The soldiers paused, but then answered "Hunger."

Angel had no choice but to admit defeat, she had promised to give Maddy to them if they answered correctly, and they had. The soldiers walked forth as one, and carried Maddy away. All this time, Angel stood there, shocked at her inability to do anything. DW was clearly useless, caught in her own meditation. Angel picked up Ally, who had been hiding behind a tree, and plodded home...

The End

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