Fight Fire With Fire

“… Maddy’s never been anyway near to royalty in her life.”

Angel peered around, totally afraid at the armoured soldiers who had randomly appeared from nowhere.

“Well, these people are as strange as dear Maddy. Perhaps they really do believe her to be their… ‘Queen’.”

DW didn’t seem too startled by the sudden appearance of the people.

“But you know, guys, she is practically dead.”

The soldiers words were echoey and dripping with evil:

“She is alive to us.”

Angel sprung up from the ground, and stood to protect her friend.

“No, don’t. Don’t you dare do anything to her!” She yelled.

The Legion of the Dead ignored her and pushed Angel back to the ground.

“DW!” Angel called to her for help.

After a second pause, DW lunged forward to grab one of Maddy’s wrists but the soldiers were already lifting Maddy’s pale body, and were horizontally carrying it away, like a shield over their heads.

“We do we do, DW?” Angel moaned into the sky, which was starting to turn a clear blue.

DW grinned, her sly, evil grin.

“If they’re from the underworld, then we have to fight fire with fire.

We will call upon some soldiers of our own!”

Angel stared as DW started her ritual. This is bad, this is bad, this is bad… was the only thing going through her troubled mind.

Is it worth fighting evil with evil?...

The End

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