Mysterious Militia

.... Maddy saw DW smirk as she plunged a huge needle into Maddy's chest. Angel winced as she screamed, a bloodcurling scream that alerted everyone and everything to their wherabouts.

A flock of crows scattered nearby, screeching into the distance. Maddy's screams stopped, and then, so did her breathing.

"Maddy?" Angel sobbed. "What did you do?"

At that moment, there was an almighty crashing through the forest. They heard footsteps approaching. Many pairs of footsteps.

Angel and DW looked towards the sound, and freaked as soldiers appeared. They were five abreast, and six deep. They were clad in tungsten armour, and each wielding a large halberd and a greatsword. They stopped before the unlikely group, and spoke as one: "We are here for the Queen." Angel and DW looked at them with a mixture of confusion and awe.

"The who now?" said DW.

"Our Queen, who has finally awakened. We are the Legion of the Dead, and our Queen is ready for us." Angel looked down at her still friend, and connected the dots.

"You mean to tell me that Maddy is your queen?"...

The End

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