Forest and Fear

...It was the voice of a girl, but who the girl was, Angel did not know.

The girl’s hair was flaxen, and she wore nothing but a ruby-coloured bathrobe which clashed with the red tint in her eyes.

“I’m not mad, I swear. Please let me come with you; I’ve been in that Asylum for so long... Too long...”

Maddy was non-responsive to the new visitor. So, Angel unsheathed the Sword of Truth and pointed it, tip inches from her neck, towards the girl.

“What’s your name?”

“Liz,” the girl mumbled, blushing, “But my friends- or whoever they are in there- call me ‘Devil’s Word’.”

“Hmm, and why should I take you along?”

DW stared at Maddy, her red eyes sweeping over the friend’s image.

“Because something’s not right with your friend.”

Angel pondered. “Yeah, I thought there was something a bit... robotic about her...”

“I’ve seen it before. It comes from being in that place too long.”

“What can you...? I mean, can you actually do anything?”

“I’ll try,” DW said with a small, sad smile.

She moved towards the Maddy. “You might wanna hold her still.”

“Sure.” And, although Maddy did her best to resist, Angel managed to pin the girl down to the forest floor.

She watched as DW summoned a Med Kit from thin air, and leant down to the Maddy creature on the ground.

“Now, I’m sorry,” She said, as her eyes gleamed, “But this might hurt a little...”

The End

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