Ballad of the Telekinetic (I Agree)

.... then, an errant beam from the Electrino laser caught Maddy squarely on her tiny temple, and she collapsed.

Angel and Ally were halfway through the mousehole by that time. They assumed that the sounds of utter chaos behind them was perfectly normal when Maddy was shutting down a system in an explosive and violent way.

The charge from the Electrino sank deeper into Maddy's mind, and twisted it. She did not die, but she was reborn nonetheless, in the warm womb of pure energy. All five inches of Maddy stood, and the robots' sensors went into overdrive.

There were explosions and anti-climactic dying whines as the robots were turned against themselves. Maddy watched them tear themselves apart, and then gave chase to Angel and Ally.

Angel dragged Ally out of the hole, and they saw sunlight for the first time in several hours. Angel squinted, and then heard her friend's footsteps behind her.

Maddy appeared, changed. Angel noticed straight away that her eyes were dark and unfocused. 'Maddy? What's wrong?'

'Nothing, Angel. Let us be off.' Maddy's voice had aquired a new layer, a quiet echo. Maddy brought her hands together, and spread them out again, blue sparks played around her fingers, and covered Angel, Maddy, and finally - Ally. The sparks sunk into their skins and made it grow. The three friends grew and grew until they were back to their original size, perhaps even a bit taller.

For the first time, they took a look around. They were indeed back in the dark forest, where they had first encountered a tea-loving bad guy.

So, the three friends set off on the beginning of their long journey home....

'Now, if we start to head home now, we should be back before tea.'

'Wait for me!' they heard a voice behind them shout.....

The End

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