Mini (These Chapter Names are Getting Weirder By The Minute)

“What the-?” Angel cried, dancing and ducking under the laser-fire that the robots had just released. She called to Maddy, “I guess you can’t fix everything, hey?”

Then Angel grabbed Maddy’s gun and put it to her mouth. First came a low pitched hum, which next started to rise in pitch, twisting and turning like an adventure slide of music until it reached the quiet pitch of a bat’s sonic. Finally she lifted the thing away from her lips and pointed it threateningly at Maddy.

“Stand back, this will be weird!”

Then with a ‘twangding’ Maddy found herself and Ally becoming the size of oddly-shaped mice. Angel closed her eyes as she turned the gun on herself, and the same effect happened to her. Unfortunatly, the gun fell from her shrinking hand and landed with a huge crack beside them. Angel jogged to check it.

“Oh no, the thing’s jammed. Like a sponge cake!”

“What did you do?” Maddy frowned as the robot guards started to advance.

“Nothing...” Angel was getting hysterically worried. Maddy saw this and took action. In an awesome way.

“Okay, if I hold them off then you can escape with Ally and your true sanity intact...ish.”

“Are you kidding?” Angel guffawed, “I can’t carry Ally, I’m too weak. Besides, I’m not leaving you behind.”

Maddy gasped mockingly, “Oh no, it’s too late, they’ve already got hold of your sanity... Oh wait, that’s how you normally are.” She grinned in a cheeky manner.

“Are we interrupting you, smalls?” The guards were mocking too, but in a far deadlier way, “Would you like us to come back later? Now, again I say: IF ANYONE SAYS "EXTERMINATE" THEY DIE...”

“Go, Angel, go...” Maddy whispered before stepping forward to the guards.

“Exterminate!” She cried and flung herself flat as a round of laser-fire exploded over her head like fireworks, burning the air and some of the ground she had been in seconds before.

When a second round of fire was over (finished and over her head again), Maddy sprung up and darted like an imp around the consoles. She knew her only way out was to destroy the electronics system controlling the brains in this laboratory, therefore stopping the evils of this Funny Farm, and electrocuting the guards... That, or just distract them far, far away from killing her.

She ducked again amidst the wire and other frankenstinian computer parts (now the size of small hills in the Cotwolds), as the display of ‘fireworks’ shattered the air again. Making themselves merry for a third time...

Finally, before Maddy excecuted another phase of her stunningly ingenious plan, she peered up to make sure that Angel and the unconcious Ally had not been caught up in the cross-fire. Luckily, they were nowhere to be seen...


The End

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