..."This is what we're gonna do: I'm going to fashion a Gatling Laser Gun out of the random stuff dotted around this lab..."

Off in the distance, Ally shouted "Hoorah, random stuff!"

"...and hack this rather large computer to discover that it is the central computer for the entire complex, and controls everything in here, even the robots!"

"There are robots in here?!" Angel lept like a startled cat, and pulled the Sword of Truth from the sheath around Maddy's hip, and raised the Shield of Lies in fear.

"Indeed, as I am about to discover." Maddy turned around and hacked the computer. "So, Angel. What would you like to happen most in the complex?"

"I want the three of us to get out of here. Can you make Ally normal again, and an escape entrance to appear so we can get out of here?"

"I can do that, no problem." Maddy typed away on a v-keyboard, expertly manipulating the thirteen screens. Ally suddenly glowed blue, and collapsed with a pained shriek. "You might want to keep the Sword of Truth handy, Ally's scream would've just alerted everything in this place." Maddy went back to the v-board, typed in a few more commands so the outside wall too began to glow blue, and went onto her next task.

Maddy plucked random things from hither and thither of the lab and assembled it quickly in the centre. In seconds she had a fully operational Gatling Laser Gun, so awesome it could take down a robot with one bullet of pure awesomeness.

Maddy draped the again unconscious Ally over her shoulders like a scalf and shouted "Run to the wall! The exit must be on there somewhere!"

Indeed it was. In the centre of the wall, at the bottom, there was a small mouse hole. Angel bent down and saw that it went all the way through to the outside, back into the forest.

"Perfect. We're too big!" sighed Maddy.

"Wait, I have a plan. Give me your gun. I can manipulate the frequency to emit shrink rays instead of awesome rays." Then the double doors to the rest of the complex burst open, and several robots stood there. One spoke:


The End

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