… a large laboratory.

“Well, this is unexpected…” Muttered Angel, rather bluntly to her companions.

In the laboratory, which the hyper Ally lead them further into, there were many cylinders of a clear bubbling liquid, taller than Angel (though that wasn’t saying very much as Angel was a naturally short woman, much like Zaccheus) and occupied by, what looked from a distance like, jellyfish creatures.

Ally ran over to one of the many tubes, and pointed at it, still laughing ever so manically. Maddy made her way over to the crazy friend and, identifying the objects in the tank, beckoned the last girl over.

Angel made her way slowly, craning her neck to see into the tubes. Then she saw the things inside.

“Ew… are they… brains? That’s just weird!”

“Do you think that’s what they do to them here at this Funny Farm?” responded Maddy, glancing at the crazed Ally.

“Indeed,” was all Angel declared, “or, perhaps, it is that which the journey of life does to us.”

“Very philosophical there, Angel…”

“Philosophy is my life. That and Roman Tea, and marrying a traditional English gentleman…”

After giving her friend a slightly confused, but mostly slyly bemused, look, Maddy decided to quickly move on.

“Now, is not the time for Philosophy- or love, before you say that it- Now is the time for rescue. And power is gold!”

“But how?-” Angel started before Maddy sprinted off in the direction of a weird, metallic, huge computer setup, involving several series of wire, a large handful of Central Processing Units, and a grand total of 13 monitors. Angel (having recently damaged her knee running the 200 metre race at a certain sports day) did not run, but merely plodded over. Plodding was good enough for the humorous, ‘organists-can-be-sexy’, musician and actress.

“Now…” Maddy said to herself, examining the various objects clustered around the laboratory…

The End

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