Spawn! SPAWN!

...dragging Ally between the two of them. 'She's a bit heavier than I remembered, Maddy.' remarked Angel.

'That is quite insensitive of you, Angel.' Ally's eyes snapped open, and she stood up, stiff as a board. She saluted to her rescuers. 'Almost wounding. But, I am sure you did not mean it in that sense. Come, let us go forwards. For Froog!' And she ran foward, brandishing an imaginary sword.

'What just happened?' asked Maddy.

'Never mind that, let's catch Ally, before she disappears! For love!'

Maddy shrugged, and followed suit. 'For knowledge!'

They ran through more bland concrete corridors, when they opened two more heavy doors, and came across what could only be described as...

The End

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