…who was holding out her hand in a comforting, yet also scary and brain-dead way. It was somehow mesmerizing, thought Angel to herself as they slowly plodded towards Ally. Emily suddenly charged, brandishing The Shield of Lies...

It was silver and black and emanated evil in all directions. Angel felt the negative power splitting through her head, causing her to clutch her forehead and fall in pain to the floor. She could sense the ‘black energy’, the dark-matter, attacking every part of the good, and pushing herself to the extreme. She knew that if she wasn’t careful, one of her ‘fits’ would come on.

“Noo, Emily,” Maddy ran at the girl suddenly, and sliced the Sword of Truth right through the shield, and right through Emily…

She screamed and vanished into thin air again, vanquished a second time. Maddy then spun around on her toes, distracting Angel from her own painful trance. She pulled the girl up and looked her straight in the eyes.

“We must fight them! Be brave, Angel.”

“You don’t think it’s a trap set up by the evil Mikados?” Angel thought, whilst continuing to advance towards Ally.

“I think it’s a trap. By whom, I have no idea.”

“Oh, I have many ideas,” Angel stared into space, but at the same time grabbed Ally’s wrist and tied them behind her back with some thick (and invisible) rope, “Mostly concerning the same people. But the Shield of Lies is very…helpful.”

Maddy grabbed Ally too. “Concentrate, Angel,” she said.

“And now, we should continue forward. Let’s take Ally with us…”

“With love!” Angel yelled, triumphantly.

“With knowledge!”  Maddy responded.

They wandered further inside the murky depths of The Funny Farm…

The End

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