The outside of the Funny Farm was, strangely enough, rather dour. There was not a clown or comedian in sight. Perhaps this is where funny people went to die.

So why was Ally sent there? Ally didn't have a funny bone in her body.

'Well, here we are. The Funny Farm.' said Maddy, relived.

'Let's slide over there.'

'I'm confused, Angel, are we here to rescue Ally, or just visit her?'

'We should rescue her. After all, why else would a normal enemy, a tea-loving psychopath, a brainwashed Emily and the Curranno stop us for? Besides, if we do it now, we could all be home in time for tea!' 

'Ah yes Angel, but haven't you heard? Bird... is the word.' said Maddy, mysterious as ever.

'Besides, we love ally. And love is the second most powerful weapon in the world, the first, of course, is... Knowledge!' Maddy thrust the Sword of Truth in the air, stabbing an invisible enemy.

'Did you have too much sugar in your tea? You've been very hyperactive recently.'

'I am? Sorry. Can we go in now? The guards are looking at us oddly.' And with that, Maddy and Angel walked into the Funny Farm.

The inside was just as depressing as the outside - all grey and concrete.

'Where's Ally?' muttered Maddy, hand straying once more to the Sword of Truth.

'Left!' shouted Angel, pointing left. 'I just have a good feeling about going left.' And so left they went. They continued down the grey corridor until they reached a large hall. The doors slammed behind them, a voice said 'We've been expecting you, Maddy, Angel. We have taken... precautions... against your weapon. Behold - The Shield of Lies!'

An undeniably brainwashed Emily appeared behind them, holding the shield. In front of them, however, was a brainwashed Ally...

The End

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