Turning it...Sinister?

…And swung the Sword of Truth in a huge arc above the Curranno’s head, then brought it down quickly and sliced the thing off.

The Curranno writhed about, still very much alive, but it released Angel from its grip. She turned to it and did the only evil thing she could think of at that moment. She hugged it.

But this was no ordinary hug! It was the death hug; a hug so powerful it could kill with its brightness.

“Noo!” The Curranno yelled as she dissolved into grey dust, “Two girls have defeated me without the use of A*s or Apples. How is this possible?”

“Well…” Angel gave a cheesy grin and flashed a Gold Card, glittering in the harsh gaze of the sunlight, with the words ‘Religious Studies’ written onto it. This was the ‘A* Card’.

“But I didn’t use it.” And Angel ripped the laminated paper in half.

“Noo…!” Screamed the Curranno with the last of her breath. Soon she was just extra cement on the cement road.

“Come on, Angel!” Maddy grabbed the left wrist of Angel and pulled her along the Yellow Cement Road, “If we get to the end of the road now, we won’t have anything in our way anymore.”

And so it was.

Angel and Maddy looked up at the towering building in front of them. They had reached The Funny Farm at a much quicker rate than they both had expected.

The Funny Farm…

The End

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