Turning it Sinister

...that they were about to encounter the worst person in the history of the world.

Angel and Maddy had been minding their own business, when an authoritive voice behind them screamed 'Erm, GIRLS!' They turned around, their two hearts beating like rabbits'. Maddy waved the Sword of Truth at the grotesque appiration which now faced them. They had heard of this in legends, but never seen it in the scaly flesh. It was a horrible monster, one that had roamed the lands for more years Maddy and Angel had been alive, terrorising innocent girls and eating their souls. It was the Curranno.

'That is appaling!' it screamed. 'Look at your faces! They will have to be scrubbed immediately. This is not acceptable!' The Curranno extended a scaly grey hand and insnared innocent Angel in its grip while she stood there, petrified with fear. The Curranno squeezed. 'If I keep applying pressure like this,' she whispered gently to Angel, 'your bones will break. Maybe not now, maybe not in the next half hour, but they will break.'

Maddy screamed. Before, she had only been filled with fear. Now her friend's life was in danger, her brain switched from 'SCARED' to 'KILL!' instantly.

Maddy charged, holding the Sword of Truth aloft....

The End

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