Emily and Space-Time

…It would destroy all possible sense in the Space-Time Continuum, and-”

“What would you know about Space-Time?!” Snapped Angel (who happened to be an expert in those matters.)

“-And it would be potentially dangerous to all life if you reached The Funny Farm.” Continued Emily, in the same monotone voice.

Maddy and Angel gave each a brief sidelong glance.

“Maddy was this one of your fears…?” Angel whispered and sighed, her voice like a soft brush of wind. She thought that their troubles would be over now, Maddy having explained all about the Pathetic Fallacy and Psychologically Triggered dangers.

Maddy frowned, “Not that I know off…but it may be the Pastrami….”

“Pastrami, muhahaha!” Emily yelled, before disappearing again.

“Okay…” Maddy said into the empty air that was now in front of them, “Tell me this is just a dream.”

“’This is just a dream.’”

Maddy laughed, and linked her arm around Angel’s again.

“Come on, we’ve still got a way to go.”

Angel shuffled forward with Maddy, biting her lip as a question burned on her tongue.

“You were saying about Godlike intervention? So that means anybody on this Earth could be a God in disguise…? I definitely know one man who’s most likely God in disguise…!”“Oh? Anyone I know?”

“Yeea-noo.” Angel changed her mind quickly whilst answering, “Anyway! Let’s forget about the bad times we have-or might-be going through…There’ll be enough when we arrive to save Ally.”

Maddy hmmphed and the girls contiued on their way. This day way turning out a lot more eventful than they had first expected. Little did they know…

The End

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