Discworld education at its most obvious

...of anthropomorphic personification and sympathetic fallacy.' Maddy pulled the Sword of Truth from a thick bush.

'Wuh?' garbled Angel, mystified.

Maddy sighed, how to explain something trecherous to someone like Angel... 'Anthropomorphic personification is the conception of divinity as being in human form or having human characteristics, and sympathetic fallacy is the presentation of the outside world  as reflecting inner feelings or situations. Therefore, this means that the world is changing to reflect our feelings, and the gods appearing to fool us. We are afraid, therefore we are presented with frightening things, to maintain the status quo. Pastrami fits in somewhere, but I'm not quite sure.'

Angel was, by nature, a smart girl; and understood about 70% of what Maddy had just said. 'So, if we aren't afraid, then we'll get through the forest, uninterrupted?'

'Exactly. This would never of happened if we had taken a left at teddybear junction and onward into the sugar swamp.' Maddy proffered the Sword of Truth to Angel, but took it back. 'Perhaps I should keep this, for the time being.'

The two friends walked on in silence through the twilight wood, onward in their quest to save Ally. They walked for what seemed like an hour, when Maddy drew the ever-bright Sword of Truth, a comfort action only.

After an age, they saw sunlight penetrate the thick spread of branches once more. They emerged from the wood, and found themselves on a long, golden path. At the pathside was a signpost. It simply said 'FUNNY FARM 5 1/4 miles.'

'Well, this is a bit of a cliche...' said Angel.

'Let's just be glad we're out of that wood. Let's follow the... ah... yellow cement road... to the Funny Farm.' said Maddy, linking arms with Angel.

At that moment, Emily appeared (again, out of thin air!) in the road in front of them. 'I'm afraid I can't let you do that.' she said, slowly and without emotion....

The End

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