The Evil Guy

The Sword of Truth, which glimmered in the pale light trickling through the dense top of the trees, was grasped tightly in the hand of the smoky figure that had appeared from nowhere (as things do in this story).

“Sorry,” he said, patting out the flames that were gnawing at his large tan overcoat, “I just escaped my own death, again… Come on, I could do with a nice break sometime…”

Angel and Maddy stared.

“I mean-Muhahaha!” The evil guy quickly corrected himself.

“Do you want a cup of tea, or something?” Maddy asked him.

“Yeah…okay…” The evil guy sat down on the leaves that were scattered across the rough ground. He tossed the Sword of Truth to one side, as Maddy pulled out (of nowhere) a kettle and an off-white china cup.

“Here.” The girls handed the objects to the guy, before snatching the Sword of Truth off the floor.

“It’s just not fair sometimes…” He sniffled into the tea-cup, “Anyway, where are you ladies off to at such a random time in the day?”

“We’re off to The Funny Farm,” Chirped Angel, before Maddy quickly placed her hand over her mouth, and started to drag her off.

Angel waved at the man sitting on the forest floor, but soon he was out of sight, hidden behind the rough trunks of the trees. She sighed.

“Why, oh, why are there so many obstacles in our way?” Angel moaned, “I mean, all I want to do is go to The Funny Farm…”

“Well,” muttered Maddy, “It might be because…

The End

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