...In a strange plot twist, a giant rat appeared! Cooly, Angel brought out her specialised sunflower hand-cannon, and fired.

From the depths of the cannon shot a tight ball of sunflowers (which rats were deathly afraid of) at the rat, and it ran away, tail between its legs.

Angel looked at Maddy, who hi-fived her. 'Nice,' said Maddy, 'but we should probably continue to the Funny Farm. Ally needs our help.'

They entered the wood, and suddenly felt an eerie chill on the backs of their necks. They heard a machiavellian laugh behind them, but when they turned, there was no-one there. 'Angel,' said Maddy, 'I'm not sure about this anymore...'

'I heard it too, don't worry. We'll be fine. After all, we have the Sword of Truth.' To reassure Maddy, Angel lifted the scabbard, and reached for the sword's handle... which was not there.

'What?' said Angel, mystified, 'where is it?'

Then, a cold, evil voice spoke: 'Looking for this, Angel?' it sneered, holding up the Sword of Truth....

The End

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