A Short Chapter Written By The Absent and Slightly Confused

Angel stared at the weird creatures in front of her. She struck an attack pose that would have been appropriate for ice battles that she sometimes participated in. It made her look rather like a wobbling ninja.

Ally shook in her Ugg-boots, but held her stance too, and summoned the clicking, squawking birds.

“Attack!” She yelled, running at the vampire-men. They too all charged, except the Commander and Maddy.

Angel herself did not fight (despite the position that she had shown beforehand), but instead ran to her friend, eyeing her wounds with confusion and unhappiness.

“Maddy! What have they done to you?”
Maddy shrugged, the beginnings of evil gleaming in her eyes.

“All they wanted was the Sword of Truth,” she said quietly.

“What?” Angel responding, yelling slightly over the noise of the war-zone (at this point, Ally was nowhere to be seen, presumed carried off into some deadly torture chamber), “But the sword of truth enables attackers to see what is truly inside their victims’ hearts. How could these things benefit from that?”

“Commander” Maddy suddenly called over the evil guy from Chapter Two.

“Yes, my queen?” He said, regally bowing right to the floor (vampires are very flexible, you know).

“Queen?!” Angel yelled, starting to feel betrayed.

“Indeed,” Maddy said, gesturing to the Commander, “Cedric will explain all about it to you from your cell. Take her away!”

Grabbing hold of Angel’s wrists and pulling them tightly behind her back, Commander Cedric once again bowed low to his queen, and dragged the yelling Angel away from the throne room.

If you had been standing, on a rafter, at the top of the chamber, it would have been obvious to you, looking down, that there was total destruction of metal by flesh, as, three by three, the penguins fell.

All was over for our heroes. Their plan had gone awry.

It wasn’t so much an epic, as an epic fail.

The End

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