The Topic of Chapters (of the Long and Hurried Type)

The army was amassing, massively. Maddy was still trying to get used to her new role as the Queen of the Dead, not to mention being a vampire.

They had chosen her because she had been in the Funny Farm and survived. They chose her because of the special 'powers' she had aquired in that godforsaken place. She had neglected to mention that she wasn't the only one who had gone into the Funny Farm, and she wasn't the only one who's mind was altered by it. She knew that if she did, she would be sharing her throne with an Angel.

Image, for a moment, her suprise when the Commander had removed his helmet, and she had found that it was the Evil Guy, from the second chapter of Maddy and her erstwhile chum Angel's adventure. Maddy forgot what happened to the Sword of Truth she had stolen off the Commander, but he seemed to be very friendly nonetheless. In fact, he was almost *too* friendly.

Without a Sword of Truth, the Commander was forced to fight invaders with a normal sword, like the rest of the army. For example, one day Maddy had been sitting, ordering people about when the invasion bell started to toll.

Maddy was rushed to the throne room, where she was surrounded by what seemed like half the Legion.

There they sat for half an hour, when the large, ornate doors exploded, and Angel clambered over the wreck....

The End

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