The Topic of Cyborgs (of The Pure Good Type)

Angel looked around, with dismay, at the flapping mechanical objects that were filling up her Oxford flat. The penguins talked and squawked, they rose and fell in session, they waddled and were constantly pushing each other more and more out the room. Some were even in peril of falling from the window of the flat. Ally sighed contently, looking exhausted at just having given birth to an army of pure good robots. She wiped the back of her hand across her forehead, smudging on more oil, instead of the opposite.

“Now…” Angel muttered, “What do we do with them?”

She pushed her back up against the door of the flat, as a cyborg squawked and ran in her direction.

“Well…we storm The Funny Farm and demand they give us Maddy back.”

Somehow, I don’t think that’s gonna work.”

“Oh no?” Ally challenged, “So what’s your plan, Little Miss Intelligent?”

“We need directions. And not to The Funny Farm, but to the house of The Legion of The Dead. You don’t happen to know anybody who is vampire-obsessed, gothic, and a good friend of ours, as a bonus?”

Ally frowned, her puny (and still hazy) mechanical mind not settling on any figure.

Suddenly, with an unusually spacey-sounding ‘zap’, Emily appeared out of thin air. She gazed, eyes wide with shock, around the apartment she was in, stuffed full of the strange writhing creatures, and then, seeing Ally, rolled her big brown eyes. Emily turned to Angel, ignoring the looks that Ally was giving her.

“I’m going to take this moment to say: ‘I told you so’! Don’t think that I didn’t warn you; that I didn’t try to stop you. Don’t you remember? I told you and Maddy not to set foot in that strange place that some may name as The Funny Farm. I knew that it would end this way and Maddy would be replaced by a lesser class of individual.”

“Hey!” Ally called.

Angel chose to ignore the insulting comments that had just been verbally thrown her way. She turned to Emily, questions blooming in her mind.

“Why didn’t you tell us out straight? Why were you being so silly, and-or, evil? Who sent the letter? Why? Emily!”

Emily eyed Angel with confusion.

“Wow… Too many questions, friend. Most of which I cannot answer, and the few that I can, I choose not to.”

“Oh great, you’re useful,” Muttered Angel, rolling her eyes this time. “Emily, Ally and I…and the penguins, need to find the place where The Legion of The Dead will have taken Maddy. Because you were so prompt in appearing, can you help us?”

“Hmm, yes, I believe I do know said Legion…” Emily pondered.

“And you can show, or tell, us how to get there?”

“Yes. Okay, my friend, this is what you require to reach the Legion of The Dead…” Emily began…

The End

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