As Things Get Weirder By The Day... Wait, That Was A Poem I Wrote...

Meanwhile... Angel was curiously watching as Ally whipped off a black cloth and started assembling the junk beneath.

"One thing I learnt from The Funny Farm is that it's a very dangerous place."

"Ally? What is this stuff? Your plan is this?"

"I know what I am doing!" Ally snapped.

So Angel waited (im)patiently for the next the half a hour, whilst Ally worked hard, connecting the pieces of corrugated iron with nuts, bolts, stables, and whatever else she could get her hands on in Angel's flat (which was not much, to be honest). Then something hit the latter. (But not figuratively, mind).

"Ally, how did you get that bag of bits and bobs into my flat?"

Ally shrugged, busy working to give a proper answer.

"It just appeared, like a lot of things in this Universe..."

"Right... Yeah, that makes sense."

Finally, Ally stepped back, wiping sweat and oil from (and onto) her forehead, and observed her creation, grinning.

Angel frowned at the girl; she had never thought that Ally was the mechanical type, but The Funny Farm had changed her.

"Oy!" Ally snapped, "I heard that!"

Angel boggled at her friend.

"Did that Funny Farm give you weird powers too?"

"In fact, yes, it did. But that's not the point right now," she gestured to the mechanical animal, "Don't you just love my creation? And, soon- with your help, this time, Angel, and the help of some of my other friends- we shall have a great army of them! We shall go against those kidnapping vampires!"

"Vampires?" Angel frowned.

"Long story," Ally whispered, "I'll tell you on the way... But you do like it, don't you, Angel?"

Angel didn't know; she hadn't really cast her eyes over the creature. She drew them down to the 50 centimetre monster, its beak clicking and wings flapping circles, knowing fully well that it couldn't fly.

It was a cyborg penguin.

The End

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