I've been busy with Other Things

Meanwhile, Maddy was enjoying her unlife. The Legion of the Dead had taken her deep underground, where the sun could not touch them, and they revived her in the only way they knew how. The commander of the Legion had taken off his helmet and, baring his two impressive, inch long incisors, bit into her femoral artery, located in the thigh.

It was then that Maddy awoke, with another bloodcurling scream, but the only blood which curled was her own, as it dried up in her veins, the Darkness taking over her. As the Darkness reached her head, she collapsed back on the altar, and struggled to have a look around. As she looked at the handsome man, with two extended incisors, she realised why she was awake, rather than dead, why the Legion wore armour on every inch of their skin, and why they were of the Dead.

 The Legion were vampires.

And now, so was she....

The End

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