Time outMature

I didn't really want to seem like I was following him, but I'd finished my piece and the music room sounded interesting. I wandered in and saw Cancer sat with a guitar, It didn't look to bad quality, unlike the crappy ones they gave us at school. I picked up another one, realising that the strings were only plastic. shame. I still couldn't shake the urges to cut, even under the new routine of drugs I'd been given. I sat back against the wall and began playing along with the familiar tune that Cancer had started playing, I wasn’t brilliant but I could hold down the rhythm and join in on one of the solos. Eventually the tune ended and, although I hadn't noticed it had gone, the mass of feelings and shit jut came flooding back. I sighed and put the guitar down next to me, leaning my head back against the wall and closing my eyes to try and stop the almost overwhelming urges. "you ok?" I could hear the unwillingness to ask lining his voice.

 "yeah, I'm good," I clenched my hands breathing slowly to steady my nerves. "I uh... I need to go to my room." I got up quickly and went off to my room, too much socialising for now.

The End

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