An orderly ducked as a chair flew at his head. The leg caught him in the neck and pulled him back, his hands going to grapple with it.

“I WANT TO GO TO SOLITARY!” I shouted at him. The loonies I was stuck in here all scuttled away a while ago, apart from one who was just watching, giggling to herself. “DON’T YOU GET IT? I DON’T WANT TO BE STUCK IN HERE WITH ALL THESE FUCKING FREAKS!” The orderly near enough shat himself when I dragged him up off the floor by his shirt, shoving him up against the wall.

“Mr. Morgan,” the ward nurse strode over, looking all put out at my behavior.

“Don’t talk to me like I’m some fucking retarded child,” I snapped, dropping the orderly on the floor, letting him crumple in a whimpering mess.

“Please don’t talk to me like that, Mr. Morgan,” she tutted. I was shaking. I wasn’t sure if it was the withdrawals, or the anger. Both, probably. “Now, what’s all the shouting for?”

“I want to go to solitary. Or jail. Either is better than being locked up in this fucking place with all those crazy fucking weirdos.” Her eyebrows lifted in surprise for half a second before dropping back down into their usual scowling position.

“Well, I suppose if it will calm you down, we can arrange for you to be put in solitary confinement,” she said reluctantly, not willing to risk making me flip out again. I think we both knew she wouldn’t come out of it in one piece.


As she escorted me down to the solitary unit, I saw this new girl standing in the doorway of her room, watching me.

“Get out of here. You’ll end up more crazy than you came in,” I called to her, earning myself a scolding from the nurse. I ignored that though. I was just glad to be away from the others. 

The End

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