The Funny Farm

The story of the awesome 'Funny Farm', which two not-quite-so-sensible girls, Maddy and Angel, journey towards. What will happen on their way and when they reach this infamous mad-house?

One sunny morning, Maddy and Angel were walking down a dusty dirt track, contemplating what to do with their not-quite-exam-free-day.

Suddenly their mutual friend, Emily, came up to them.

“What are you doing?” She rudely asked.

“We’re…walking along a dusty dirt track…” Maddy replied.

“-Because it’s fun!” Interrupted Angel, “And definitely not because we are checking out that guy sitting at that random desk and computer that would never really be in the middle of nowhere just over there.”

“Urg.” Emily said, and then disappeared.

“Hmm, Emily needs to chill!” Remarked Maddy, before pulling out a letter that explained why they were taking a random walk in the middle of nowhere. This letter explained that their old friend, Ally (whose name was often spelt ‘Ali’ and confused with ‘Alison’) had recently been admitted into a place called ‘The Funny Farm’.

Now, my friends, The Funny Farm is a place where people go when they get…a bit funny…as in: a bit on the crazy side. Now Maddy and Angel knew a lot about said crazy side, and were very happy to visit their crazy friend!

Maddy waved the piece of paper in front of Angel’s view.

“The instructions say we have to go through a large dark wood to get there. Angel, can you see any wood?”

“How about that large one that’s just appeared about 20 metres ahead, round the bend in the road? It looks like a wood to me!” Angel replied, in her usual high-pitched-and-awfully-cheery voice.

So, without a word they casually walked towards the bend in the dusty dirt track.

But when they turned the corner to enter the wood…

The End

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