The terroristsMature

Now that I think about it, the only problem the Government ever actually dealt with was the "terrorists." Hunger seemed just as prominent as it always was, but of course we dismissed as "It worked for other countries, ours is on the way!" But the help never came. The curfew laws were more trouble than they were really worth! With no one out at night, businesses began to lose profits. And if you were concerned enough to look at the statistics you would find that crime had actually increased! It made sense too. There were less people around at night to notice if you were up to something funny.

Why then did we fall for it? A couple reasons actually. The first: No one believes in something more than those who are desperate for it. And those people who needed it... were everyone. The second reason was out of our control. It was the media. The media and the Government were buddies. To us the people it was a "A friend of my friend is a friend to me" kinda attitude. So we didn't question it. Let me tell you what I call it.

A mistake.

The whole thing had a bit of a World War II aura about it. We were all acting like the United States, Britain, and the other allied powers when the holocaust began. No one wanted to believe that our perfect Government was really corrupt underneath. Then the time came when we had no other choice. What government would start to attack it's own people?

The Government called them purges. They were enacted to find and eradicate the "terrorists." Whole towns disappeared during the purges. Your friends. Your family. Why didn't you suspect them earlier? It was ok the Government said. The terrorists were extremely well organized. They were dangerous, they were extremists, they were clever. It wasn't your fault you didn't notice them, good old Government was watching out for you. The terrorists were everywhere it seemed. But nobody cared. We trusted the Government to do its duty. When did I start to care? When men with guns broke into my house and arrested me for being a terrorist. Then I understood. But it was too late. Who could I warn? How could I spread the word? The government wasn't after terrorists. It was after those who had finally woken up.

That's how I found myself here. In the back of a van rumbling towards an interment camp. A van that I was soon going to escape.

The End

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