In the beginning, when the final papers were signed and we had a world united under one government, the Government, I was just as happy as the rest of humanity. Finally, we could end the world's problems, unite to find a cure for cancer, help third world countries catch up with the rest. The Goverment ran into some setbacks in the beginning, but of course, every new government will, so when the Government raised taxes saying that funds were needed to improve sanitary conditions, no one argued. After all, we had designed the perfect government, had been careful in who we elected to office, created checks and balances, the whole deal, and were quite proud of our accomplishments at achieving world peace.

A couple years later, the Government needed more funds, and like idiots, we forked over the money, rationalizing that "Freedom comes with a cost, a cost we should always be willing to pay".

Even the media was happy with the Government, which is rare in and of itself. Not one single respectable person said anything bad about the Government. Reports were made about how crime rate was being cut down by over fifty percent, all thanks to the Government's new Curfew Laws.

The Curfew Laws stated all sorts of rules for the general populace, from who could be out at what times, what kind of companies were allowed to have 24 hour service, to how one could qualify to be out in the middle of a night.

Commitees sprang up to deal with all the applications for different things as a result of the Laws. No one thought to complain about the Curfew Laws, so many people were able to get jobs, the economy was on the rise, and there was nothing but good news all the time. What would have been the point.

Like a fool, I had bought into the propaganda like everyone else. When a new law was announced via televisions and radios that turned themselves on to report Government broadcasts, I didn't question it. No one did. The Government had made a law for our benefit, and the Government was under our control anyways so we could always take over if it passed a law that went too far by our standards.

There's a flaw right there, "our standards". Ha. How does one know how a person on the other side of the Globe feel about euthanasia? We all relied on the Government to meet everyone's moral code. We trusted our beloved Government absolutely.

So no one complained when the Government instituted the Right Law, demanding  that people register every major thing they do. For example, if a family of four was going on vacation, they'd have to alert their local Office (Government Building) of where they were going, what they were going to do there, how long they'd be gone for, and how much money were they planning to spend.

Not one single person complained, or if they did, they didn't protest loud enough. Except the terrrorists dispersed throughout the world, but they were always complaining about something or other. The terrorists were idiots trying to fight the Utopia we had found under our Government's benevolence.

But our world made three grave mistakes.

1. We became relaxed in our critique of the Government.

2. We didn't pay attention to people outside our own bubble worlds of bliss.

3. We thought we had created the perfect system.

And we're paying for it deeply now. In Blood.

The End

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